American Idol for Mobile


Are you the next American Idol?

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL? Impress the judges in this rhythm-based mobile phone game! Hit, dodge & hold musical notes as they fly across your screen. Play a lineup of popular songs including "What I like About You." Put on your best performance to move into the next week and access new songs. If you fall short, prepare for harsh feedback from the famous judges & try again! Master mini-games by remembering lyrics and getting noticed by the paparazzi!

  • Overview
    • Audition for the American Idol judges and brace yourself for authentic feedback!
    • Choose Quick-Play mode to play songs on the go!
    • Enjoy hours of play time and interact with full-motion video characters!
    • Watch actual footage from the show!
    • Make choices that affect your Style, Fame & Talent!
    • Multiple outcomes keep you guessing, making replay irresistible!
    • Advance through your own season as you make friends, decide on a style that suits you, and develop a crush!
    • Choose from a variety of popular songs to perform like "What I Like About You" and "Material Girl"!
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