Battlefield 2: Complete Collection


The Complete All-Out Modern Warfare Collection

Lock and load, soldier! The Battlefield 2 Complete Collection puts you on the frontlines of 21st century combat. There's a war going on and you've been dropped into the middle of it. Use the bleeding edge of military technology as you fight for one of the three military superpowers - the US, the Chinese or the newly formed Middle East Coalition. Survive in frenzied close-quarters combat in the world's most dangerous hot spots. Hit the enemy on their home turf and unleash the world's deadliest military forces, using their fury and high-tech arsenal to survive -- then complete your mission and get home alive. Features Battlefield 2, the Special Forces expansion pack and two boosters.

  • Overview
    • First-ever attempted invasion of America -- all-out war comes to American soil
    • 3 new maps - Operation Harvest, Midnight Sun, Operation Road Rage
    • 6 new vehicles 1 new award - American Theater Special Service Ribbon
    • Head online for award-winning Battlefield franchise multiplayer action with up to 64 players.
    • Maps scale to the number of players engaging in battle (16, 32, or 64), for an intense experience every time.
    • Join a squad or select the new Commander Mode to assume the strategic role of a battlefield commander directing his forces. Enhanced squad structure includes VOIP commands and team stat tracking.
    • Earn medals, ribbons, unlockable weapons, and other items as you rise through the ranks from lowly Private to General.
  • All Platforms
    • Violence