BFBC 2 Vietnam TGS Trailer
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BFBC 2 Vietnam TGS Trailer

4504 Views Sep 16, 2010
Discover the new Vietnam multiplayer expansion to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with this trailer released at EA's 2010 Tokyo Showcase.

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    Did anyone who was in actual combat in Vietnam have any input into the realism of this game? As far as how it was really like? I served in Vietnam, w/the Marine Corps, as a rifleman, 0311, 1968-69, with Hotel Company 2/1, 1st. Mar. Div.. It really doesn't look like any more than another fantasy war game from the video trailers I saw. I'd play the game, but I'd love to play one that accurately depicted some degree of realism.
    Jun 11, 2011
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