Burnout™ Anthology


The masters of speed and destruction present a trio of genre-redefining racing games for the price of one, all in a single convenient bundle. Criterion’s Burnout series has masterfully blended danger and automotive carnage for years, nabbing back-to-back “Racing Game of the Year” awards while pushing the PlayStation 2 hardware to its limits.

From Burnout 3: Takedown’s introduction of opponent-wrecking gameplay to Burnout Revenge’s ability to turn a crash into an offensive shockwave to Burnout Dominator’s daredevil chaining of intense high speed boosts, the series has continually pushed the boundaries of racing games with each iteration.

Race along the razor’s edge as you dart between traffic-choked streets, tempt disaster by driving at breakneck speeds in oncoming lanes, and power-slide around blind corners – all while ensuring the competition can’t do the same with aggressive slams and bone-crunching traffic checks. 

  • Overview

    Burnout™ 3: Takedown™

    • Aggression is the Key to Progression - Tailgate, drift, and drive against oncoming traffic—rip up the racing rulebook and drive fast and wild to rack up boost power.
    • Take the Path of Most Resistance - Introduce opponents to the perimeter wall with a well-timed nudge to witness Burnout 3: Takedown's spectacular crash technology.
    • Take Out Your Aggression Online - Hit the asphalt in 17 single and multiplayer race and crash modes or take on up to five opponents in one of seven online modes.

    Burnout™ Revenge

    • Prepare for Carnage - Carnage—Battling is the only way to advance in Burnout Revenge. Use the Revenge Meter to track your progress as you reap rewards for playing dirty.
    • Choose Your Car, Choose Your Weapon - Every vehicle is a potential weapon, whether you're ramming an unsuspecting commuter into your rival or orchestrating an explosive multi-car pileup.
    • Tracks Tricked Out for Takedowns - Navigate multi-level race tracks loaded with alternate routes, extreme jumps, hard stops, and nasty chokepoints.

    Burnout™ Dominator

    • Master an Epic World Tour- Hit the road on tracks built for every style of racing, from drifting on open urban roads to racing against oncoming traffic in crowded city streets.
    • Bigger Boosts - Chain boosts together through reckless driving to reach the ultimate Burnout speeds.
    • Unique Rides - Race in hotrods, 4x4s, muscle cars, and more, taking advantage of their individual features and distinctive handling abilities.
  • All Platforms
    • Mild Language Violence