Dead Space Extraction


The Terror Begins!

Fight your way through an epic battle for survival in the prequel to 2008’s critically acclaimed Dead Space. In Dead Space Extraction, players are placed in the middle of the initial Necromorph invasion that threatens humanity. Find out how it all started in this all-new action horror experience built especially for the Wii.

Dead Space Extraction tells the untold story of the Aegis VII Colony through a handful of survivors battling to reach the orbiting USG Ishimura amidst a horrific infection. As their allies mysteriously fall victim to dementia, it becomes clear that protecting a young girl granting them a bizarre immunity may be their only hope for survival.

In every shadow, behind every corner, terror hides—so you can’t. Fight the alien scourge alone or with a friend to blast apart oncoming Necromorphs, solve mind-bending puzzles, and defy all odds to reach safety. Feel the terror like never before in the most cinematic horror experience on the Wii.

  • Overview
    • Follow the lives of several different Aegis VII colony members as they carve a bloody path to survival
    • Meet a new cast of characters, destroy new enemies, and wield new weapons
    • State-of-the-art graphics, panic inducing audio, and a first person, frenetic perspective wrenches players headlong into the terror
    • Play through an engrossing, interactive horror movie experience that pushes the boundaries of story-telling in a game
    • Strategically dismember your enemy with pinpoint control using the Wii Remote
    • Utilize a powerful arsenal of abilities and weapons to freeze attackers, manipulate gravity with telekinesis, solve puzzles, and venture out into zero gravity
    • Team up with a friend to fight off the invasion on the USG Ishimura with jump-in cooperative play
    • Combine efforts on engineering puzzles or determine specific roles to create a unique experience with each play session
  • All Platforms
    • Blood and Gore
    • Intense Violence
    • Strong Language