FIFA Soccer 09 Ultimate Team


New Game Mode Expansion for FIFA 09

Feel a rush of adrenaline as you step onto the pitch and live the ultimate fantasy in club football. Collect the most talented footballers in the world, shape them into your dream team and then prove yourself against a legion of challengers in FIFA 09 Ultimate Team, a strategic new downloadable game mode designed exclusively for the award-winning *FIFA 09 on the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. Download to your console on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network.

* New Game Mode - Requires FIFA 09 to play.

  • Overview
    • Build Your Ultimate Team - Collect Players, Managers, Head Coaches, Goalkeeper Coaches, Physiotherapists, Fitness Coaches, Tactics, and Gameplay modifiers, and then foster team chemistry through effectively organizing your squad. Accumulate Staff, Fitness and Medical cards to gain the tactical edge, and then deal Gameplay-influencing cards at key moments during a match.
    • 30 Types Of Cards - Collect, trade and play 30 different types of cards to form your ultimate team and your best strategy to win. Categories to collect include: Players, Managers, Staff, Player Contract, Advanced Training, Injury Healing, Formations, Tactics, Team Talk, Arenas, Crowd, Celebrations, Stadia, Kits, Badges and more.
    • Develop Team Chemistry - Determine the direction of your team by collecting players to fit your system or designing a system around your players. Organize players in preferred positions, preferred formations and alongside countrymen to boost your player attributes and give your team a tactical advantage. Acquire Contract cards to keep your team on the winning track.
    • Complete Customization - Live the ultimate dream. Create yourself in game, line up alongside your heroes and captain your squad to glory. Personalize your player with thousands of new items, including new hairstyles, tattoos, and bandanas. Listen to the broadcast team call your name while your created player steps into the spotlight. Customize everything from players and stadiums to the kits and badges, creating the world's next great football club.
    • Acquire New Cards - Play games to earn coins to acquire new cards, trade or auction unwanted ones and trawl the market for the cards you need to complete your winning team. Plus, acquire additional packs of cards using Microsoft points from XBOX LIVE Marketplace or purchase them from the PlayStation Network.
    • New Leaderboards - Compete with your squad against the rest of the world in league matches and watch your club climb the leader boards.
    • Knockout Tournaments - Here is the ultimate test. Compete in 36 different tournaments while connected online against CPU-controlled football clubs or a legion of challengers. Face your toughest competition in knockout tournaments for the most coveted trophies, where the opposition becomes more difficult after each victory.
    • New Interactive Celebrations - Score a goal and then control your player's movements to celebrate the way you want to with 20 new user-controlled celebrations.
    • The Collection - Amass a collection of players, trophies, league badges, boots and balls which unlock extra coins.
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