FIFA Soccer 09 Live Season: Mexican Premier League


Keep up with the Mexican Premier League 08/09 season matches, plays, and top footballers with weekly updates from EA SPORTS. Player information is updated based on personal performance, which keeps your teams up to date with real world matches and stats. After downloading the updates, you can use the information to improve your online and offline game.
You need an online account in FIFA 09 PC to receive these updates. The account information used to create your FIFA 09 PC online Persona and EA account must match in order to correctly use Live Season.

  • Overview
    • Complete Reports – Stay up to date with player and match information from the Barclays Premier League.
    • Instant Coverage – Get update alerts each week when new information is available.
    • Easy to Access – Weekly updates are delivered directly to your PC and are complied into downloadable Player Forms.
    • True to Life – Start players who are on top of their game, and bench footballers who are on a cold streak to keep you in sync with real world trends.
    • All Season Long - Once you purchase the Barclays Premier League, you are automatically granted the "entitlement" allowing you access to these updates for the entire season. No codes to remember or programs to download!
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