Reckoning: Studio Manager Insight
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Reckoning: Sean Dunn, Studio General Manager

1316 Views Jun 7, 2011
Reckoning Commentary from Sean Dunn, Studio GM

Comments (2)

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    Can't wait to play this next year. Hate to make comparisons, but this looks like the direction the Fable series should have taken. Can't wait to see more of the RPG aspects come forward. This is certainly the Fantasy RPG I look forward to most for 2012 :)
    Jun 8, 2011
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    Wow ! This game's gonna be AWESOME ! Especially the combat system, first time I see something like that in a rpg... Ah non, there was something similar in Fable I think, but the graphics in this one are much more ... much more... much more amazing ! I only hope that the character creation will be as large as Dragon Age's or Mass Effect's... That do not seem important, but it counts for female players. If at least we could choose the gender, that would be amazing.
    Jun 17, 2011
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