Madden NFL 12 for BlackBerry PlayBook


Real teams. Real players. Real NFL.

BOOM! The most authentic NFL game franchise on Earth is back on mobile for a new season – and better than ever! With harder hitting action and beefed up rosters (over 2,500 real NFL players)!

Feel the impact of every game-changing tackle with smoother, harder hitting collision effects. Go deep with sharper gameplay and cleaner graphics than ever before. Choose from the 32 NFL teams and battle it out in their true-to-life stadiums. Make trades, track stats, and launch winning strategies from in-depth playbooks, unique to every team.

Register for Origin and take your favorite NFL team to the top spot of the leaderboards. Savor every victory as you rack up challenging achievements.

Real teams. Real players. Real NFL. MADDEN NFL 12.

  • Overview
    • Kick off with 32 NFL Teams, each with their unique stadium
    • Choose from a roster of nearly 2,500 players
    • Feel the action with evolved collision animations
    • Go deep with detailed playbooks for each team
    • Unlock over 50 achievements with Origin
    • Soar to the top of the Weekly and All Time Friend Leaderboards – only on Origin
    • Revel in the victory as your favorite team climbs to the top of the Team Leaderboards with every victory (Origin Registration Required)
    • Explore multiple gameplay modes: Exhibition, Season, and Playoff.