Medal of Honor for Mobile


When the mission must not fail, you are called on. You are a Tier 1 Operator — a new breed of warfighter for a new kind of war.

Utilize each handpicked warrior's exclusive skill set to fight an elusive enemy in unforgiving combat conditions across Ground Combat, Sniper, Stealth, and Bombing Run modes. With precision control plus furious firepower, infiltrate and destroy enemy positions on the persistent battlefield.

Step up and experience today's war with MEDAL OF HONOR for mobile.

  • Overview
    • Command up to 4 different types of special combat units
    • Face 5 enemy types in ground combat action
    • Engage in 4 unique game modes: Ground Combat, Sniper, Stealth, and Bombing Run
    • Battle through 8 single-player levels
    • Utilize 4 weapons: pistol, rifle, shotgun, and grenades
    • Enter a persistent battlefield – the destruction that occurs during a mission is visible in subsequent missions if you move through the same area of combat