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NBA LIVE is back, rewriting the book on authenticity and connectivity while staying accessible enough for new users. At the heart of the new LIVE experience is Dynamic DNA, emulating - with absolute precision - an NBA player in every sense of the word. LIVE has gone international too, adding an expanded FIBA World Championship; 24 FIBA teams and rosters hailing from the US, France, Spain and beyond playing on FIBA regulation courts.

Enhanced controls make every drive, shot and dunk more authentic, with added Pick and Roll Control that allows direct handling of both the ball handler and the screener. Signature Playcalling now paints the court with routes for improved visibility, and is paired with authentic plays from real player data, while the all-new NBA Academy provides a place to train skills between those plays.

From player tendencies to deeper leagues to tighter online integration, NBA LIVE 09 is closer than ever to center court. 

  • Overview
    • Dynamic DNA - The brain behind the game is powered by the premier analytics provider using NBA data for over 20 NBA teams, which evaluates Player DNA that breaks down how a player scores, Team DNA that rates how the players on the floor play as a unit, and Tendencies that refer to the percentage a player drives left, right or shoots from each spot on the floor.
    • NBA LIVE 365- Uses the statistical data of Dynamic DNA and brings it to life. Just like the real NBA game, players get injured, free agents sign late, great players go cold and no-names break through, while Player DNA Progression provides at-a-glance progress and changes to any player's DNA after an NBA LIVE 365 update.
    • Enhanced Dynasty Mode - Need that Free Agent to push your team over the hump? Try the new Dynasty Negotiation Mini game and get him signed. Don’t feel like managing your entire staff? Delegate tasks to the CPU while you focus on winning championships.
  • Nintendo Wii

    • Unique Wii Experience - Enjoying basketball action on Wii is now easier with refined gestures that get you into the action with a variety of ways to play that offers something for everyone.
    • 2-on-2 Action - Own the court in this over-the-top 2-on-2 experience that puts the focus on a fun time the playground. Grab a teammate and take on your friends.
    • All-Play Controls - A simplified control system enables novice players to focus on fun. Players control key actions like shooting and passing, while the game controls player movement.
    • Point and Pass - Challenge yourself using a precision passing system with Point and Pass.
    • FIBA Expanded - With 24 national teams to choose from, you can compete against any NBA or WNBA team using authentic FIBA rosters and teams.
    • 21 - All-new to All-Play, but a fan favorite on the court. A great way to practice shooting and free-throws to challenge yourself and show your opponent what you can do.
    • That Girl’s Got Game - These women can do it all – dunk, shoot 3’s and block shots. Suit up from your choice of 22 WNBA players featured in game, including stars such as Candace Parker, Sue Bird or Lisa Leslie and take on your favorite NBA or FIBA team.

  • PSP
    • Hot Spots - Find your player’s comfort zones on the court. Bring up his Hot Spots, and you’ll know exactly from where on court he likes to shoot.
    • 2 on 2 - Grab powerups to exert your dominance in this arcade-style battle. Matchup current NBA players or all-time NBA legends in the classic playground game.
    • The Crown - Relive challenges from the past NBA season and before, earning rewards and unlocking items. Master all aspects of the game and track your progress throughout four game modes.
  • Playstation 2
    • New Be A Pro Mode - Featuring a dynamic new way to experience the game, play out an entire career by taking on the role of your favorite NBA player. Master a position and develop your skills to ultimately become a basketball legend.
    • Hot Spots v2.0 - Your player’s indicator will start to glow red or blue when they’re in a spot on the court where they shoot out the lights or toss up bricks.
  • All Platforms