Dynasty on Xbox 360
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Dynasty on Xbox 360

3153 Views May 7, 2012

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    Doesn't matter how great EA thinks the Dynasty Mode is if it reaches a point of where you cannot play the game anymore due to freezing. Sorry EA, I have bought every year, and I'm here to give you my honest opinion. NCAA13 is terrible! I do like the recruiting features added. I think Road to Glory is just as good as last year. But I've always bought this game for the Dynasty mode and this year I was ok with the small changes. Nothing big. Nothing going to scare you away or make you really have to think really hard until you get it down. Only one problem, IT FREEZES TO THE POINT THAT IT'S UNPLAYABLE!!! I just started my second season and I can't play week two. tried to sim, nope! That freezes too. Come on EA. seen a lot of stuff online how this is an issue and you still don't have a patch?! I'm shocked you let the consumer buy it this way. I would have waited a month to get a copy that works properly. Please fix this so I can get back to telling people how much I've always loved your games. I hate that this is my first complaint. Go Ducks!!
    Jul 29, 2012
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    is this a lie ? I heard there will be an Nba Live 13
    Jul 31, 2012
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