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News-Billboard-E3-broadcast.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Feb 10, 2014

10 Tips for Gamer Safety Week

Today the MRC’s Gamer Safety Alliance (GSA) launched the third annual Gamer Safety Week to unite industry leaders on the top security issues facing consumers. Your account security is a serious issue and one EA takes seriously. Are you doing everything you can to protect your information?


We talked with our EA fraud prevention experts to gather their top 10 tips in how to keep yourself safe while you play:

1. Never give out your account details so someone can "level you" or "tweak" your account. In fact it is usually a good idea to keep all of your personal details private (including full name, address and phone number).

2. Pick a strong password– something that would be impossible for someone to guess, with numbers and special characters thrown in.

3. Don’t just create one strong password – create a few. Make sure your email, games, social networks, and finances have different passwords! If that seems overwhelming, consider using a password manager.

4. Apps that promise "Free In Game Items" or “Give Yourself Money” are usually scams to get you to download malware or access account information. Don’t download them!

5. Beware of purchasing in-game items or currency from a 3rd party site that is selling at a discount. You could be giving fraudsters your payment information directly.

6. When interacting with other people online or in games, remember, anonymity isn’t guaranteed: assume your identity could be exposed. Always behave with that assumption.

7. Where available, sign-up for two-factor authentication.

8. For security questions, always pick something that no one else would know. Or a trick answer – that you’ll be able to remember.

9. Make sure you complete your registration process – go through email validation and add security questions. This makes it easier for our customer experience team to identify you and quickly address account issues.

10. And remember: be nice online and treat everyone with respect.


What tips would you add to the list for gamer safety?

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    Well See Being Nice Connotates that you treat your customers with respect; and coming from a company with your kind of record I find that ******* hilarious: Gamer Safety Rule 11: Don't Buy ****** unfinished games; from ******, dishonest companies ( especially ones' who treat their very life blood; I.E. Customers/gamers, with such contempt).......
    Feb 23, 2014
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