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E32014presserheaderblog.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 12, 2014

All the EA Trailers from E3 2014

Our E3 2014 press conference featured glimpses at upcoming projects as well as plenty of EA favorites.

Relive the best moments with all of our trailers.



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    I wish they would tell us when Dragon's Teeth dlc for Battlefield 4 /PS3 will be coming out. And I'd like DICE to fix the enemy sound movements, I cannot hear any type of movement from the other team that I'm battling with online, all in all it's a good MP game but I feel it was rushed, at lastly with the premium battlepacks that we get each month they suck, I could care less about different camo color paint schemes, I would like to have seen weapons given out instead of XP points which you get.
    Jul 5, 2014
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