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roundof16_round_up_blogheader.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON May 11, 2013

NHL 14 Cover Vote - Around the Web

As we progress through the head-to-head stages of the NHL 14 Cover Vote, players are going all out to earn votes.

Here are a few of the "interesting" things we've collected from the past week.

#10ReasonsFor10 but you only need 1

Chicago's Patrick Sharp has a pretty tough match-up against Sergei Bobrovsky of the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Vezina Trophy nominee currently leads but after you check out the Ten Reasons for No. 10 at The Blackhawks Blog, it might sway votes in Sharp's favor. We recommend you check out the list, but one of the ten reasons really stands out:

Puppies Love Him

Last week, the Edmonton Oilers released a series of clips highlighting their candidate Taylor Hall. The videos continue again this week. Check out this one that shows how everyone loves Hall...that is, except for a certain position player on the ice.

Hitting the right buttons

Two of the new features coming to NHL 14 are NHL Collision Physics and the Enforcer Engine (more details on that coming soon). This video created by a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers and candidate Wayne Simmonds highlights why he'd be a perfect person for the NHL 14 cover.

Do you agree? Well, it must have hit the right buttons since Simmonds recently overtook his competition in this round and looks poised to move into the Quarterfinals.

It was his birthday, but you can get a present

Legendary goalie Martin Brodeur celebrated his 41st birthday earlier this week. Since we couldn't wait to give him some good news on that special day, we informed him earlier than everyone else of his success into the Final 16. 

Being the humble guy that he is, he's decided that people who vote for him through twitter have the opportunity to win something really special. 

We know a few people who'd love to get their hands on that sweet goalie stick.

More Mike Fisher

Did you really think we'd go a week without some Mike Fisher content?! The guy who keeps surprising everyone with his fantastic web presense returns to showcase some of the ideas he pitched to the Nashville Predators organization to get more votes.


Don't forget that this round of voting ends on Sunday night with the winners of each match-up moving to the quarterfinals. With the candidates dropping to eight, we expect the trash-talking and ego-boosting to increase...and we can't wait to see it all take shape! 

If you want to see your favorite player make it to the next round, be sure to vote and vote often!

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