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BF4GameTimeheadernov14.png POSTED BY EA Staff ON Nov 6, 2014

Battlefield 4 is Back on Origin Game Time

If you missed Battlefield 4 on Origin Game Time the first time around, we’ve got some good news: The game is back, and now you can try it for free!

If you’re new to Battlefield 4, starting today you can add Battlefield 4 to your library and play for 168 hours. That’s a full seven days to experience all that Battlefield 4 has to offer.

Downloading Battlefield 4 won't count towards your 168 hours of free time. The Game Time clock won't begin until you’ve launched the fully-downloaded game for the very first time.

But don’t forget, Game Time is a real-time clock. Whether you’re playing single player, multiplayer, in menus or taking a break from the action, the Game Time clock will continue to run once it’s started. Origin will keep you posted with in-game alerts to let you know how much time you have left.

If you decide to pick up Battlefield 4 on PC after your Game Time ends, your progress will carry right over. Just add the game to your Game Library.

Now get out there and show everyone what you’re made of.


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    I cannot start the game, because the game time was over. But i never played that. I never, never buy a game, where the manufactorer isn´t able to build a game, free of bugs. I am playing battlefield since the beginnig, but al games are buggy. Oh my god, what a ****.
    Mar 13, 2015
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