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frostbite-2-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 12, 2011

Be An Architect Of Destruction In Battlefield 3

Those who rely on camping to pad their scores are officially on notice: there's no place for you in Battlefield 3. At least, there won't be by the end of the round – when half of the map has been leveled. This kind of mass destruction is made possible by the groundbreaking Frostbite 2 engine, a technology that brings some of the most realistic environmental demolition to date to the competitive first-person shooter scene.

Thanks to the advanced physics Battlefield 3 is built on, combat zones are malleable and constantly in flux. Experience bone-shaking explosions as buildings crumble, raining brick and mortar down on the streets. Dive for shelter as planes and helicopters careen out of control before smashing into the pavement. Even stray gunfire will kick up chunks of dirt and concrete, as smoke from the burned husks of cars chokes the air.

As the tides of war change, so too does the lay of the land. Take the fight to the enemy and shape the battlefield in new ways to assure your victory. You can check out all the earth-shattering action Frostbite 2 puts at your fingertips in the video below:

Battlefield 3, which comes out on October 25, 2011, is the latest entry in the critically acclaimed first-person shooter franchise. It combines intense infantry combat with a wide range of vehicles on sprawling maps filled with destructible environments. Pre-order your copy of Battlefield 3: Limited Edition on Origin today to receive the Physical Warfare pack and other awesome exclusives.

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    игра класс обезательно куплю и вамсоветую
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    there wasn't much of a destruction in the beta, hope we'll see some this time.
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    when ea servers will be up and able to play beta so see DESTRUCTION IN BATTLEFIELD 3
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    it is a legend i very like it
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