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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Feb 16, 2012

Check-in to MONOPOLY Hotels on iPhone and iPad for Free

Ever wonder what goes on inside those hotels you built on Mediterranean and Boardwalk? Now, Monopoly fans can “Go” inside, as they buy, build and bank on their own hotel empire with Monopoly Hotels.

In Monopoly Hotels, players get a chance to try their hands at the glitzy world of hotel management, as they buy, manage and profit from luxurious 5-star hotels. Construct guest rooms and upgrade them in order to attract VIP Guests like Mr. Potato Head. From managing utilities like the Electric Company to building fun attractions in your hotel like movie theaters and cupcake shops, take control of the Monopoly board – one room at a time.

With unlockable challenges and plenty of updates – like new properties, characters, and holiday packs – there are plenty of reasons for players to extend their stay.

So, check out this all-new twist on the Monopoly game on the App Store. The fun is “complimentary.”