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Chillingo Eco Friendly Games POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jul 14, 2011

Check Out Chillingo’s Three New Eco-Friendly Games for Summer

As summer heats up, our friends at Chillingo beckon you to the great outdoors with three wonderful Earth-friendly games. First, reshape Blobster to create new levels of world peace. Then, show that humans care for natural life as you solve puzzles to help mother bird feed all of her Hungry Chicks. Finally, enjoy the view by climbing to the top of the trees with every correct answer in Quiz Climber.

With Blobster, your mission is simple – save the environment. As the charming and bouncy Blobster, you’ll dodge danger and master over 50 levels of dynamic puzzles in four unique worlds. A bright and colorful physics platforming adventure – with a twist – Blobster enables you to control your own destiny with cool new ways to play.

Meanwhile, in Hungry Chicks, maintain the natural order as you make sure mother bird gets enough food to feed her chirpy little ones. You’ll need to solve puzzles to get the task done. Plus, we think the chicks are pretty cute so it’s only natural to want to help!

Finally, answer questions to climb the trees in Quiz Climber. Ascend the twigs and leaves for the scenic view by proving you’re right. Find security on a solid branch because the higher you get, the harder the questions become. Challenge friends, beat their scores, and post all your tree climbing successes on Facebook.

Harness your mighty gaming skills this summer and have a natural good time with Blobster, Hungry Chicks and Quiz Climber – three very fun, fast-paced games by Chillingo.