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chillingo-9-1-releases.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 1, 2011

Chillingo Releases Three Addictive New Games

A new week in the App Store equals a new week of excellent games from Chillingo.

Draw Race 2 is no cookie-cutter sequel. This follow-up is bigger, badder, and most importantly, better in every possible way. Draw the most efficient racing line and then watch your wheels squeal when the light turns green. Jam on the turbo to whip through tough turns, employing real-life racing techniques. Play up to four players on the same device or against rivals via asynchronous online. And good luck not getting distracted by its gorgeous visuals.

Most bats can fly, but Swing needs a little help. Swing the Bat is a physics-based action game where you swing from branch to branch, collecting fruit and avoiding perils like pandas, monkeys, and tigers. Keep ahead of sunrise or above a rising inferno in two different game modes. Complete objectives to unlock new duds for little Swing and fill out his charming wardrobe. Once started, Swing the Bat cannot be put down. And it’s a universal app.

Fruit Roll is a tangy twist on the endless runner genre. Change into a grape durian, and everything in between as you roll through colorful worlds and go for record distance. Stack power-ups to boost your bonuses so you can roar to the top of the score charts. Fruit Roll is bright, colorful, and exceedingly fun.

All three titles are now available on the App Store for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.