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connected-franchise-player-header.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Aug 8, 2013

Shine as a Player in Connected Franchise

Starting a career as an NFL player has never been more realistic and immersive than in Madden NFL 25’s Connected Franchise. In Connected Franchise, you can create yourself with Game Face and see how you stack up against some of the league’s best. When going through the player creation process, there are many decisions to make that dictates how your player looks, thinks and plays on the field.

As you create your player, you’ll have to make some tough decisions such as whether you want to play offense or defense. If you go the quarterback route, you’ll even have to determine whether you want to be a Mobile or Strong Arm QB. You’ll get a chance to see all the negatives and positives to choosing the makeup of your NFL player.

After selecting your position and player type, you can now select your backstory that helps determine your expectations in the NFL. There is no better feeling than starting out as an undrafted player like Miles Austin or Kurt Warner, and climbing your way to the top of your team’s depth chart.

After selecting your backstory, new to Madden NFL 25, you can scroll through each organization to see how you’d stack up. You’ll see each NFL team’s current situation at your position, as well as your projected place on their depth chart. Do you want to challenge yourself and start low on the pecking order, or select a team that you to contribute from day one?

Then it’s on to player creation. You can import your own appearance via Game Face, or recreate a fan favorite to play as in Madden NFL 25. Choose every detail from height and weight, down to body shape and accessories. You will also be able to view your default ratings for the backstory and position that you selected so that you can prepare for the gridiron.

Once you create your player, you can set up your league so that it meets your style of play. This is where you can change settings such as the level of difficulty, quarter length, and more. An important setting to watch out for is the Instant Starter. With Instant Starter enabled, your selected team will name you the starter regardless of your players overall rating.

Now you are ready to start your Connected Franchise. One of the biggest changes to Connected Franchise this year is the ability to improve your player and achieve goals. The amount of XP earned from accomplishing fantasy football goals was significantly increased, and you are now rewarded for in-game accomplishments even if they aren’t your weekly goals. Instead of getting six points for scoring a rushing touchdown like in Madden NFL 13, you’ll now get 50 XP.

Also new to Madden NFL 25 is a new modifier to weekly and milestone goals that increases or decreases the amount of XP that you can earn based on the game’s significance. You’ll earn more XP for meeting goals in playoff games and less in preseason games. Also, the amount of XP earned from weekly goals, season goals, and milestone goals has been increased. While you’ll earn the most from milestone goals, meeting major season and career milestones will earn you more XP than in Madden NFL 13.

While you’re improving your player to be one of the NFL’s greats, make sure to watch your player’s legacy score. The legacy score has been re-tuned in Madden NFL 25, and will fluctuate based on season and career milestone goals. By accomplishing those goals, your legacy score will increase substantially.

Playing in a Connected Franchise as a NFL player has never been more dynamic. Choose your path to success and have a lot of fun doing it along the way.


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