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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Dec 21, 2011

Dead Space and Real Racing 2 blast onto Android

Android players get a hardcore present this holiday season with the arrival of two of EA’s most critically-acclaimed titles. Dead Space and Real Racing 2 have finally blasted their way onto your smartphone. So, race to the Android Marketplace now, grab that plasma cutter and grip that steering wheel tight – because you don’t want to let these games get away.

Dead Space has proven to be a landmark achievement, bridging the gap between console and mobile gaming. Hailed as a sci-fi horror masterpiece, Dead Space for iOS has earned the 2011 Meffy Award for “Best Mobile Game of the Year” and Apple’s “iPad Game of the Year.” Now, Android players can get their blood pumping with this bone-chilling survival game.

Your heart pounding fast enough? Android enthusiasts also get an extra boost of adrenaline with the arrival of the most exhilarating racing experience to burn rubber on mobile. Now, Real Racing 2 speeds onto Android with cutting-edge graphics, intuitive controls and hours of high-performance thrills. Test drive it for FREE, then upgrade through an in-app purchase and let the real racing begin.

With some of the most visceral, innovative and original gameplay ever experienced on mobile, these two highly anticipated games promise to redefine the way you think about Android games.

  • Dead Space Android Dead Space Android

    Visit the official Dead Space Android website to learn more about the game.

  • Real Racing 2 Android Real Racing 2 Android

    Visit the official Real Racing 2 Android website to learn more about the game.