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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 15, 2011

Discover The Tetris® Game Available For Free On Android Market Now

With over 132 million paid downloads on mobile phones, Tetris® is one of the biggest selling mobile games of all time. So what can this blockbuster game do for an encore on Android, one of the fastest growing mobile platforms? How about being available for the first time on mobile as a FREE download from the Android Market?

We’re excited about this free release of the authentic Tetris® experience on Android. So we cleared some time (after clearing some Tetriminos) to chat with Richard Rispoli, the producer of this version, from his office at the EA Studios in Montreal.

Thanks for sharing your insights on making this free version of Tetris® for Android. Could you tell us why this Tetris release is so important?

I believe Tetris is the biggest game ever because of its massive worldwide popularity. It seems like everybody knows the Tetris game. Every day, people around the world are playing the game. So we’re always developing ways to enhance the Tetris experience and make the game available on more mobile platforms.

Were there any challenges to making this version of Tetris®?

The control part of Tetris® is really difficult. You now play by swiping the screen with your finger, and every screen on every phone is different. We are always testing with QA and making adjustments for the experience to be as smooth as possible on every device.

What’s important in your opinion about making an authentic Tetris game?

There are a lot of little things you don’t even realize that make it the Tetris game we all love and know, but you feel it. Everything we do is quality-based. It has to be perfect and consistent. For example, we have a very complex way of handling the rotations of the Tetriminos.

Do you still play Tetris?

Of course I still play. It’s a very elegant game. I started playing Tetris when I was 7 years old. I’ve played Tetris on every format, but I play the most on Nintendo DS.

What makes Tetris unique?

The good thing about the Tetris game is the more you play, the better you are. There actually is no real limit in Tetris. In some versions, we see players dying at level 42. That is what’s so good about Tetris. It’s a great feeling when you play a video game, because you feel yourself getting better every time you play.

Would you encourage the fans to let you know what they think about the free version of Tetris for Android?

We want to hear from the community! Listening to the community is very important to make sure the game is what our players expect it to be. 

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