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POSTED BY jgreen ON Mar 15, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening On Sale Tomorrow!

What the heck? Didn't Dragon Age: Origins, like, just come out? And there's DLC already? I mean, I guess that's great for all of you who finished the first game already, but, ya know, some of us--those with more important things to do, like, say, watch SpongeBob SquarePants marathons--are still slogging through Origins! Now with Awakening coming out, it's additional pressure to finish. Sheesh. Sometimes it feels like a fulltime job just to be a gamer.

In any event, yeah, Awakening is out tomorrow for PS3, XBox, and PC, and I'll be getting it for PC even though I'm not ready for it yet. What's in this expansion, you ask?  I will tell you. First, the game takes place several months after the events in Origins. The Blight has ended, and as the new commander of the Grey Wardens, you travel to a new area of the world, Amaranthine, where you discover that the Darkspawn are not only still around, but are lead by a nasty looking dude called the Architect, which probably doesn't refer to his area of post-collegiate study.

Gameplay-wise, you'll be able to import your character from the original game (on all platforms)--even if you chose the "ultimate sacrifice" at the end of Origins.  All of your items and armor will import as well, except, apparently, for a few promotional items from the first game, for whatever reason. If you didn't play the original game or just want to start fresh, your new character will start somewhere around level 17. (The new level cap is somewhere in the 30s, I believe.)  If you did play the original game, just which of your former NPC party members you encounter in Awakening will depend on choices you made, but, as in Mass Effect 2, this DLC is more about new party members. Other stats: There are 6 new specializations for player characters (two for each class), 24 new spells, and 32 new rogue and warrior talents. All of which sounds like a lot to me, given that I mostly bash on the same two warrior skills over and over, which may be why I haven't finished yet.

Oh, and one last piece of bad news for a certain subsection of Dragon Age players: There is no romance this time around. SORRY. You'll have to get your kicks somewhere else, pal. But buy it anyway! That's what the Internet (and/or your partner) is for!

--Jeff Green

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