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ea-logo-blue-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON May 22, 2013

EA CTO: The Technology Behind Xbox One

EA CTO Rajat Taneja shared his thoughts on the technology powering next-gen consoles on his LinkedIn Influencer blog and what it means for gamers and developers:

As a long-time Microsoft employee and now the CTO of EA, I found yesterday’s unveiling of the new Xbox One exciting on a few different levels. Following on the footsteps of Sony’s announcement of the new PlayStation 4, these new technologies finally raise the curtain on the next generation of interactive entertainment. This is a significant inflection point in the history of our industry. One that is as profound as the introduction of smartphones or Facebook to the market. My colleagues Frank Gibeau and Peter Moore shared their thoughts on what this means for the industry as a whole yesterday, but I’d like to take a deeper dive into the technical implications of these new platforms for our games and game engines.

To read the full post on LinkedIn and follow Rajat, click here.

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    This guy don't have a clue about computer technology, he seems to be biased towards consoles and don't care about the future of EA. So sad.
    May 23, 2013
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