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eac-open-header.jpg POSTED BY Eric Gray ON Jul 25, 2012

EA SPORTS Canada’s Open House

Late last week, EA SPORTS hosted 50 North American and International journalists at EAC. Media in attendance were from the UK (5), Spain (7), Russia (8), Italy (5), Germany (9), France (6), Belgium (1) and Canada/US (10).

After spending countless hours on the sticks the media received an extended guided tour around the famous
EA SPORTS Canada Studio in Burnaby, BC.

The first stop on the tour was the infamous EA SPORTS gym, recreate, where our employees enjoy afternoon pickup
basketball game and many athletic leagues. 

Next stop was one of four giant outdoor decks that overlook the beautiful outdoor facilities at EAC including the soccer
pitch. On any given afternoon you can see multiple soccer games going on here.

One of the best aspects of working at EAC is that we’re a dog friendly office. You can run into almost any breed of
puppy on your way to another meeting.

The highlight of the studio tour was being able to visit the famous EA Capture studio on the EA campus.  The media
was able to see an actual motion capture event with the Vancouver Whitecaps. 

Next stop was the EAt café. This café offers three full meals a day and can feed up to 1,500 people a day.

The media also was able to visit the EA IRC.

Last stop was the EA SPORTS company store. Here our employees and guests have an opportunity to purchase all
of our EA videos games, and guests can walk out with some EA SPORTS branded memorabilia.