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generic-header-18.jpg POSTED BY Andrea Silvers ON Apr 13, 2012

EA SPORTS News of the Week

It’s been cover vote madness in the office this week. We’ve tallied the votes for NCAA 13 and we’re sitting on the edge of our seats to see what you, the fans, are going to decide for Madden 13 and NHL 13. And as per usual, we have news about a ton of other interesting things, like us sending you to Vegas to party your faces off, winning cash by playing video games and a check in on the football (ie soccer) world.

The NHL 13 Cover Vote reveals the top 32 leader board. [NHL 13 Cover Vote]

Resident football love Gabe Leon breaks down the last four standing in the Madden Cover Vote [Down to Four]

It’s future prediction time with the NHL Playoffs. [Playoff sim] [Video]

Street footballer Jayzinho talks football, FIFA and Messi. [Jayzinho interview]

EA SPORTS wants to send you to Las Vegas. No, really. [EA SPORTS Bar]

You have one week left to get involved in the EA SPORTS Challenge Series. Get cracking. [EASCS]

Aston Villa gets involved in the Street movement. [Pro Player Tournament]

Jim Schwartz casts his vote for the Madden Cover Vote. Hint: It shouldn’t surprise you. [Jim Schwartz]

People have some nice things to say about Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13. [Accolades Trailer]


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