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NHL 11 Screen 2 POSTED BY akatkin ON Apr 30, 2011

It’s Not Too Late to Enter the EA SPORTS 2011 Playoffs Bracket Contest!

Half the fun of watching sports is catching an upset. Watching your team win is great, sure, but seeing an underdog come from behind and dominate a bigger team is exciting. EA SPORTS is making this even more fun by letting you be the one doing the upsetting!

The 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs are officially on, and the first round is done. Impressively, NHL '11 managed to correctly pick every single winner of the first round of the playoffs, a truly remarkable feat. Few, if any, sports analysts have that level of accuracy.

But now it's time for round two, so visit the EA SPORTS NHL Facebook pagenow and enter the EA SPORTS 2011 Playoffs Bracket Contest and see if you can be as accurate as NHL '11's simulation engine. Each round gives you a new chance to win!