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POSTED BY Wendy Spander ON Oct 19, 2011

EU Fall Showcase Offers A Hands-On Look At Upcoming Games

London set the scene for this year’s EU Fall Showcase, where we gave press and media members a chance to play with some of EA’s top games, including soon-to-be-launched titles from BioWare, the EA Games Label, EA SPORTS, and EA Interactive.

On Tuesday, 100 press members from the UK, Ireland, France, and Russia joined me at Vinopolis in Bank End to get their hands on some of EA’s top games, while Wednesday focused on entertaining media members from Italy, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Spain.

We kicked off each day with a press briefing that included a live demo of Syndicate and a visit from the PopCap Zombie. Then, media got eight hours of hands-on time with some of our hottest new titles. Patrick Bach of Battlefield 3, Matt Prior of FIFA, and Todd McFarlane of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning gave one-on-one interviews throughout the day.

All in all, we showcased more than 12 titles at this year's EU Fall Showcase, including Battlefield 3, Need for Speed The Run, Mass Effect 3, The Secret World, Warp, Shank 2, FIFA Street, Grand Slam Tennis 2, and a huge line-up of games for the iPhone and iPad from PopCap, Chillingo, and EA Mobile.

Coverage from the two-day showcase will become available on Monday, October 24.