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POSTED BY Andrea Silvers ON Apr 4, 2012

Fans Come First at EA SPORTS

This morning, we announced that we're down to eight players for our Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote. Eight NFL stars, down from a field of 64, all vying for the big honor — and it’s all up to you, the fans. Just as it is for the covers for NCAA Football 13 – voting closed on April 2 and we’re current tallying the votes – and NHL 13 as well.  And just as it was a few months ago when our fans voted for Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy to join Tiger on the cover of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13.

Before the first cover vote for Madden NFL 11, the cover athletes were a hotly debated topic around the EA SPORTS offices. We spent many hours and had many disagreements trying to decide which athlete the fans would most want to see on the cover. And then we realized, why didn’t we just ask you? Once we handed the reins over to the fans and let them decide we couldn’t figure out why we hadn’t done that all along. And based on the response we’ve been seeing around the internet, it seems the players (and even the coaches) agree with us as well. Now, more than 23 million combined votes have been cast to determine the next covers of Madden NFL, NCAA Football and NHL. That’s a lot of strong opinions about who should grace the cover of our games.

We love to hear from our fans, we love it even more when our fans are passionate about their opinions. It’s our goal to listen to everything you guys have to say. We love to watch you guys make (and break?) careers by choosing our cover athletes. Our fans have actually become part of the process of making our games, and that’s the way we like it.

So please, keep talking to us, and we’ll keep listening. And don’t forget to vote, there’s plenty of time left to make your picks for both Madden NFL 13 (winner to be announced on April 25) and NHL (winner to be announced June 20), and don’t forget to tune in April 16 to find our which former Heisman winner will be joining Robert Griffin III on the cover of NCAA Football 13. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check our blog regularly for more chances to help us create the games you want to play.