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FIFA 11 Podcast.jpg POSTED BY Lee Smith ON Dec 14, 2010

FIFA 11 Podcast | 14 December 2010

In this week's festive bumper edition podcast the FIFA team pick the brains of the reigning FIWC UK Champion Robert Brewster, discuss some exciting new changes to FIFA Superstars with Content Manager Marc Haxell and in the Big Shout discuss your footballing predictions for 2011.


Play Like A Pro

This week FIWC UK Champion Robert Brewster gave Stevie and Rom some expert advice about how to succeed at the highest level in FIFA 11. If you want to know exactly what he said you'll have to  take a listen to the Podcast. Alternatively you can get an insight into the life of a pro-gamer and his quest for glory by following Rob on his Twitter page.

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Michael Gerard-Butler emailed a couple of weeks ago and asked for tips when playing with Bayern Munich. Since we had Rob Brewster on the phone we thought we'd ask him. These were his recommendations.

Default Formation - Where's Robben?

The secret to success in FIFA 11 is to build on a solid defence and therefore we're going to switch to a more defensive a 4-1-2-1-2 formation that sees Van Bommel, who actually tackles better than the Bayern defenders, commanding the middle of the park.

New Line-Up - More Focus On Defence

Looking at the Bayern team it's clear that their main weakness is at the back so your first change should be to drop the 69 rated Contento and replace him with 74 rated Badstuber. That leaves a big hole in the centre of your defence which you should fill with Demichelis whose aggression and tackling ability will be a welcome addition to the team.

With an average sprint speed of 90, Ribery and Robben are your key men moving forward. Both can dribble and both have the crosser speciality meaning that they can whip dangerous balls into the box on a more consistent basis. On the end of those balls you have the 6'00'' tall Klose who has the aerial threat speciality and can therefore convert more chances from crosses than most other strikers.

On the bench, Kroos, Muller and Gomez can be your game changers. You should look to bring those on from around 70 minutes when other players begin to tire. Muller and Gomez especially have pace that can really hurt a tired opposition.

Let us know what line-ups you use for Bayern Munich. If there's a team you'd like some help with drop us an email and let us know and we'll do our best to feature it next time.

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