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FIFA 11 Podcast.jpg POSTED BY Lee Smith ON Nov 18, 2010

FIFA 11 Podcast | 17 November 2010

This week in the FIFA 11 podcast Stevie Morgan and Romily Broad let you know what needs to be done to succeed in the Goal of the Week competition on and in the Big Shout discuss the role of the captain in the modern game. Plus, in our ongoing series of pro-tips they reveal how you can make your Barcelona team even better in this year's game.

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Make Barca Better!

With the help of professional FIFA players Adam Winster and Rob Brewster, here are the things you need to do to make your Barca team invincible.

To start making Barcelona better you firstly need to consider their weaknesses. Looking at the front three in the default line-up it's clear that there's very little height between them and therefore you're not going to win many balls in the air. That makes the default 4-3-3 a poor formation to use because you'll naturally find that you play down the wings a lot, which leads to high crosses into the box.

Default Line-Up - Needs A Big Man Up Front

Instead, pro gamer Rob Brewster suggests using a more defensive formation of 4-2-2-2.

New Formation - Adding Some Steel In The Middle

This formation has two key benefits. Firstly, it puts Messi upfront alongside Villa with Xavi and Iniesta pulling the strings just behind and because the formation is narrower it should lead to more direct play between the four of them, so try lots of short, sharp passing and try to keep the ball moving between them. Secondly, by adding another defensive midfielder you're giving your backline some extra cover. This also allows you to bring in Mascherano for Pedro who should form a solid partnership with the equally defensive minded Busquets.

In fact, Mascherano is a key man in this team. His aggression and tactical reading of the game should help you break up a lot of opposition attacks. Then you just need to get the ball to your front four and watch them work their magic.

When players begin to tire - most likely Iniesta and Xavi - you have the pace and creativity of Pedro and Bojan at your disposal. Look to bring them on from around 70 minutes and they should cause chaos.

Check in for more pro-gamer tips next time!

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