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The FIFA 11 Podcast.jpg POSTED BY EASPORTS ON Sep 22, 2010

Listen to the FIFA 11 Podcast

Which team will you be using when you first play FIFA 11? That's the topic of this week's Big Shout. WIll you play with your heart and take control of your favourite club or will you go for goals and glory with Barcelona and Real Madrid. Let us know your thoughts...

As well as that, Stevie shares some of his experiences from the set of the FIFA 11 TV Ad, which is now live on our news and media page. Stevie’s special behind-the-scenes video will be coming later this week, featuring more of the ‘Arsenal ladies’ and interviews with the stars from the ad.

Plus, find out how you can get your opinion heard once the game comes out, and listen in for news concerning the first reviews of FIFA 11 - without bragging, they’re pretty good.

All that and more in this week's podcast so take a listen now...

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    Visit the official FIFA 11 website to learn more about the game.