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FIFA 11 Podcast.jpg POSTED BY Lee Smith ON Nov 30, 2010

FIFA 11 Podcast | 29 November 2010

Stevie Morgan and Romily Broad return with advice to save you from scamming in FUT 11, details about how you can get involved in this year's FIFA Interactive World Cup and a discussion about who should host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. No prizes for guessing which nation these two Englishmen suggest!

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Romily Broad also tells you how to set up your Manchester United side to make them even better online. Here’s what you need to do…

Make The Red Devils Play Like Angels

Last time the real Manchester United played in the Premier League they beat Blackburn Rovers 7-1 so they’re not a bad side to begin with but our team of pro gamers, Adam Winster and Rob Brewster, reckon they can make them even better. If you want more pro tips you can contact Rob Brewster via his Twitter page.

Default Line-Up – Lacks Pace

Looking at the default line-up there are a couple of easy fixes to get you started. First of all we’d recommend swapping John O’Shea at right back with the young Brazilian, Rafael Pereira da Silva. He’s quicker than O’Shea and his pace will be a vital asset when defending and attacking.

Our next change is a controversial one since it sees the removal of Paul Scholes who we’re going to replace with the permanently injured Owen Hargreaves. Most pro-gamers will tell you that the secret to success with FIFA 11 is to have a solid defence and Hargreaves can certainly help. He’s quick, strong in the tackle and reads the game well.

And finally, it’s another of the old guard that’s going to make way. This time it’s Ryan Giggs who we’re going to replace with Antonio Valencia. The former Wigan man is quick and he can cross. Plus, by putting him on the left you can also use him to cut inside and shoot, making use of his powerful right foot.

Starting Line-Up – Owen Hargreaves, Remember Him?

There’s no doubting who the main man is in this team. With a shot power of 91 Wayne Rooney can score from almost anywhere on the pitch but there’s more to his game than just goals. With the Engine trait he also has the ability to work harder than most players and can be used to help out your defence too.

One player that definitely doesn’t have the Engine trait is Dimitar Berbatov but he can be an equally valuable asset to this team. With a jump rating of 85 and heading accuracy of 84 he is a beast in the air and with Giggs or Valencia providing crosses he should bag you a few goals. It’s also worth noting that Berbatov has the poacher trait meaning that he can convert half chances in the box so it’s always worth a shot when he’s on the ball.

When players begin to tire you can really take advantage in FIFA 11 and there are two players in particular that you might want to call on, Michael Owen and Javier Hernández Balcázar. Both are quick and know where the back of the net is and, considering their height, they are decent enough in the air to cause your opposition some problems.

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