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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 21, 2011

FIFA 12 Brings a Revamped Creation Centre

In the past year since the release of FIFA 11, over 4 million players and teams were downloaded from the Creation Centre. Building upon this staggering success, EA SPORTS has been hard at work to bring new features and improved functionality to the Creation Centre coinciding with the launch of FIFA 12.

This year brings a raft of enhancements with improvements across the board. The 400,000 possible player combinations has been increased to over 2 billion and you can now visualize your created players with a 3D widget. Both players and teams offer a bevy of customization options, several of which are tailored for use in Career Mode. Brand new to Creation Centre is the ability to set up a custom tournament with created teams.

Those of you who put in hours at the Creation Centre previously can rest assured that all your FIFA 11 teams will carry over. However, as soon as you edit former creations, they are updated to a new format supported only by FIFA 12. You can now create up to 50 teams, 50 players, and 1 tournament, as well as store 24 teams, 50 players, and 1 tournament in your FIFA 12 game.

This year also brings the addition premium content in the form of Creation Centre Packs. But even if you don't buy the premium content packs, you will still have complete access to content created by those who do possess the packs. All six packs are available individually or as a single bundle.

With all the updates this year, it's understandable if you find yourself hitting the team and player limits quickly in your creation spree. The Teams Pack is exactly what you need in this situation. They significantly increasing the number of teams you can create and store, and add the ability to use custom images. For those who find an additional 50 teams isn't enough, there's the Yet 10 More Pack to increase the maximum by ten.

Still looking for more additions? Check out the new packs for tournaments, Career Mode, advanced editing, and real-world elements for even more creating options.

FIFA Soccer 12 is the most realistic soccer experience in video games to date and the Creation Centre takes it to a whole new level. Get ready to check out the title's new Player Impact Engine, Precision Dribbling, Tactical Defending, and Head to Head Season online mode. Download the demo, available now, to test out the features for yourself, and then pre-order your copy on Origin to make sure you have the full game as soon as it comes out on September 30th.