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David Rutter FIFA 12 Q&A POSTED BY Tom Henderson ON Jun 16, 2011

FIFA 12 | Producer David Rutter answers your questions

Want to know more about what you can expect from FIFA 12 this year?  FIFA Line Producer David Rutter put together some informative videos for us recently at E3. 

In case you missed them, you can read some of the highlights of David’s Q and A below or watch the videos on our EA SPORTS Football Youtube channel.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question.  Make sure you keep across the EASF website for any major announcements.
FIFA 11 was great, why should I buy FIFA 12?
DR:  We have a revolutionary game for you this year.  Just looking at our game play we have a trinity of real fundamental innovations in game play with our Player Impact Engine, our Precision Dribbling and Tactical Defending.   All three of those together completely change the way FIFA plays for the better.  We’ve also got Pro Player Intelligence this year – our next generation of CPU AI control.  And we also unveiled the EA SPORTS Football club which is a way to connect with your friends, compete on all levels whenever you play the game.  It’s like the heartbeat of FIFA 12.
What do you think the biggest improvement will be in FIFA 12?
DR:  For people who’ve played the game a lot, one of the biggest changes will be Tactical Defending – you really have to think about what you’re doing when you first pick up FIFA 12 this year.  You actually have to engage your brain whilst defending; it’s very different to the old homing missile defenders but significantly improves the balance of the game and also allows you to enjoy playing when you don’t have the ball.

The biggest deal at the moment is the EA SPORTS Football Club – it allows you to have a constantly changing experience throughout the season.  If you have a favourite club, you can sign up for 'support your club’ and then everything you do in FIFA not only contributes to your progress, growth and experience level within the game but also you’ll be contributing to the club that you support hopefully pushing them to success in our ‘Support your club’ league tables.
Are headed goals going to be as easy as they were in FIFA 11?
DR:  No, we’ve done a lot of work with the goal keeper and defending this year.  In particular because you’re not launching defenders from the back with the tactical defending system this year, the coverage within defence is much better.  We also have player collisions in the air so there is a great physical battle for headers.  But obviously you can still score with headers and indeed we’ve done a lot of work this year on urgency and predicting where the ball is going to be so you’ll see players both running into shots and running into headers this year which really do give these explosive moments.
Will there be fast throw-ins this year in FIFA 12?
DR:  Yes under certain circumstances if the players are in the correct spot we will blend into the throw ins which is really cool.  It keeps you in the moment and keeps the game fluid.
Will there be a drop ball feature this year in FIFA 12?
DR:  Yes if a player is injured and has to go off and the ball goes out of play, the ref will allow a drop ball to happen and the opposite team will give the ball back to the team that was in possession.
Will the dribbling be improved?
DR:  Absolutely!  One of the major innovations this year in FIFA is precision dribbling; it’s a high fidelity control system.  It means the moment you get close to other players you’ll be able to drop down into very close control mechanic, players like Messi, for example, become very responsive and it’s very enjoyable being able to explore distance as well as angles and shield the ball as well.  It’s not overpowering though as with tactical defending the players are in a better position so it becomes very much a cool game with you on the ball and the defenders tactically defending and when the two come together the Player Impact Engine comes to the fore too.
How has shooting been improved?
DR:  We have introduced this year the ability to volley properly, so as the ball is coming into you we’re calculating how to get the player to the ball in movement.  So rather than the player being static receiving the ball and then shooting, some excellent volleys can now be had.  We’re also working on the left trigger which will allow for flair moves like bicycle kicks to be executed if you time them correctly.
What do you mean by real injuries?
DR:  Due to the Player Impact Engine we can harvest information about the players on the pitch, if a collision happens we know how hard, in what direction and exactly where on the body that collision happened and can determine whether the player has suffered an injury.  The commentary, presentation and if it’s happened in Career Mode – the injury will become part of the story line within the game.
Will the servers be more reliable?
DR:  With online team play we’ve been doing lots of work to improve the servers and will continue to do so.  We’ve had something like 1.3billion minutes of FIFA 12 head to head gameplay already.  The head to head games are actually peer to peer so once you’ve match made, and you move off the server, that’s a direct connection between you and the person you’re playing.  If you have problems further, I would advise you to check your firewall and router settings.
If you want to see the videos FIFA Line Producer David Rutter kindly put together for us then click the link below or visit our Youtube channel.  
You can view four videos about Gameplay, EA SPORTS Football Club, Visual Presentation and your FIFA 12 Wishlist.

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    Is there a new Patch in Fifa 11??
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    Do the players have proper injures and if they are bad enough do they go off on a stretcher?have you put in all of the stadiums this time? Have you thought of the idea be a pro ref?
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