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eas-2014-fwc-round-up-header.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS Football ON Mar 7, 2014

Previews – EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup

Last week, more than 300 journalists in Europe and South America got the opportunity to sit down and play EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil for the first time. We highlighted a few of the key modes coming to the game, but we also wanted to share some of what those who got to sitdown and play the game had to say.

EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup features 203 teams, over 7,000 players, 21 new stadiums and more than 15 hours of added commentary. Learn more about the new features here.


Experience real improvements and innovations to the award-winning gameplay of FIFA 14, plus 100 new animations that make the EA SPORTS™ FIFA you know more fun and exciting than ever before.

Eurogamer: “… a marked improvement over the (FIFA 14) PS3 and Xbox 360 iterations.”

FUTHead: “Most of the gameplay changes to EA’s credit have centered on community feedback and as such the dribbling is now noticeably tighter, as is First Touch Control.”

FIFA Soccer Blog: “the changes that EA has made certainly improve the on-pitch action. If anything it’s moving more towards the next-gen version of FIFA 14 than anything else."



Capturing the storylines and drama of the 2014 FIFA World Cup through the deepest set of modes ever in a tournament title from EA SPORTS. In total, more than 10 Game Modes are available.

Telegraph: “Legitimately the most feature-rich of any of EA Sports' standalone tournament tie-in games.”

Eurogamer: “An authentic and exhaustive interactive memento of what's promising to be a memorable tournament.”

CVG: “EA Canada has put together a more forward-thinking footy game…”

FUTHead: “The content on offer is exhaustive too, and to deliver a fully licensed game with 10 game modes, a new training system, 21 new stadiums and so much more in just 15 months is a remarkable achievement.”


Presentation and authenticity

Bringing to life the world's greatest sporting event by showcasing the world’s best footballers performing for their country, and delivering the most authentic and exhilarating presentation in the EA SPORTS FIFA series on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

FUTHead: “Stadium exteriors and the like are now present on PS3 and Xbox 360 too which when combined with the plethora of World Cup themed presentation bells and whistles, makes for the most accomplished visual package we’ve seen on this hardware.”

Xbox Achievements: “Even the managers get a look-in. They’re properly modelled and licensed, which adds a nice level of detail. “

CVG: “Even the Brandenburg Gate and Trafalgar Square feature, as the build up to each game shows supporters partying at a Fan Fest back in their home nation. Important, lifelike detail.”



A brand new beginner difficulty level, in-mode training, and simplified two-button controls lead to an accessible and friendly experience.

IGN: “While talk of accessibility is often associated with the dreaded notion of “dumbing down”, here it appears to be what the development team is adding, rather than what it’s taking away, that’s set to define the latest FIFA title.”

Eurogamer: “For the debutant there's a new, lower difficulty level and integrated tutorials for, what Prior says, is "the most accessible FIFA ever made.”

EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup hits store shelves on April 15. Pre-order today and don’t miss out!

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