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Chillingo POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jul 28, 2011

Four New Games from Chillingo Feature Unique Enemies and Challenges

Find a new variety of exotically evil enemies to battle on your iPhone or iPod touch. From jealous and annoying to armed and zombified, Chillingo brings you wildly weird nemeses to combat in four different game terrains.

In Red Ball 3 you were a happy red ball of love until your dark, creepy and jealous nemesis kidnapped your bouncy pink girlfriend. Traverse over strange obstacles, roll through weird challenges and float to conquer unique levels in this physics-based action game as you try to save the love of your life.

Next, malicious aliens have turned all the things we earthlings love into pure evil. As Ranger Rocket, you are the protector of Earth and you must destroy the nasty soccer players, ferocious guitars and delicious hamburgers gone mad to restore peace in this action arcade game.

Then protect your hive from icky, annoying spiders, pestering, swooping birds and weirdest of all, freaky Zombees in Pollen Count. Draw lines to help your Bees get the pollen into the hive and defend it against long odds in this buzz-worthy puzzler.

Finally, roll with Mad Wheels and conquer fleets of heavily armed and wildly charging cars. Better yet, survive the insane race courses you’re competing on – they’re just as dangerous as the cars! Be the only sane driver in this fast-paced combat action game. 

Take your pick of games and enemies – or take ‘em all on – with these four new titles from Chillingo, now available on the App Store.