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fifa-top-ten-attackers-header.png POSTED BY EA SPORTS Football ON Jan 3, 2014

Top 10 Transferred Attackers in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Throughout the holidays, FIFA 14 will be highlighting interesting bits of information on players and clubs in the game. Today, we look at the top 10 transferred attackers in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

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#10. Alexandre Pato (Brazil) – Corinthians (Liga do Brasil)

Following six seasons in Italy, Alexandre Pato returned to his native Brazil and joined Corinthians. The 24-year old striker brings a lot to the pitch, primarily strong physical ability which include 90 Sprint Speed, 86 Acceleration and 85 Ball Control. With those ratings, you can be certain that plenty of goal scoring opportunities will take place when he’s playing up front.

#9. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon) – Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga)

After making waves in France, the Gabon international joined Borussia Dortmund over the summer and has continued to be absolutely incredible. Aubameyang is another speedy striker you’ll want to have thanks to his incredible 96 Acceleration and 95 Sprint Speed, both of which are deadly if the opposition is not well-prepared. Factor in his 82s in Finishing and Reactions, 81 Positioning and 80 Stamina, and you’ll see why defences should take notice and mark him with two defenders.

#8. Fernando Torres (Spain) – Chelsea (Barclays Premier League)

Torres is an 82 Overall, and he has one of the best volleys in the game. His 86 Volley is further highlighted with 84s in Shot Power, Ball Control and Finishing. Adding in 83 Dribbling, 81s in Reactions and Positioning and 80 Long Shots means that he can score from just about anywhere on the pitch.

#7. Daniel Sturridge (England) – Liverpool (Barclays Premier League)

Strong real-world play has Sturridge amongst the most popular strikers in Ultimate Team, and the Englishman’s speed which includes 90 Sprint Speed and 89 Acceleration make him hard to catch. He’s also great with 85 Dribbling, 83 Finishing, 82 Shot Power and 81s in Ball Control and Positioning. By being able to outrun defenders and maintain possession of the ball, you’ll want to be ready to ride the wave after you put one in net.

#6. Lukas Podolski (Germany) – Arsenal (Barclays Premier League)

Playing on the Left Wing, Podolski stands out in large part due to his incredible 91s in both Shot Power and Volleys. He’s definitely your go-to guy from long range with 87 Long Shots, 86 Finishing and 80 Curve. But Podolski’s 87 Penalties also mean that he’s deadly from the penalty spot. If you manage to get taken down in the box, it could easily equal a goal.

#5. Javier Hernández "Chicharito" (Mexico) – Manchester United (Barclays Premier League)

FIFA 14’s North American co-cover athlete is an absolute beast physically. Don’t let his 175 cm (5 ft 9 in) size fool you. Chicharito can devastate defenses thanks to a number of factors including 89 Acceleration, 88s in Finishing and Positioning, 87 Sprint Speed, 85 Jumping, 84s in Balance and Reactions, 83 Heading Accuracy and 81 Agility. He might not be all that strong, but with all his other ratings, he’s still a very hard guy to stop.

#4. Raheem Sterling (England) – Liverpool (Barclays Premier League)

Another member of Liverpool makes the Top Ten, and once again he owes his popularity to his speed. Sterling is hard to catch thanks to his 92 Acceleration and 91 Sprint Speed. Although he doesn’t stand out with high ratings in the shooting categories, his 88 Agility, 85 Balance and 82 Dribbling make the 76 Overall Left Winger a perfect option for those Ultimate Team users who rely on moving the ball along the flanks.

#3. Mario Mandžukić (Croatia) – Bayern München (Bundesliga)

Mandžukić is an excellent option on the attack but the first thing that stands out when looking at the Croatian is his incredible 91 Heading Accuracy and 86 Jumping. If you have a strong player to cross the ball into the area and if Mandžukić is there to get his head on it, expect a goal to follow. His 90 Aggression and 84 Strength help make him an 83 Overall. He is strong enough to maintain possession, able to finish and put plenty of power on the ball.

#2. Loic Rémy (France) – Newcastle United (Barclays Premier League)

Speed and Heading are two key factors most Ultimate Team users look at when building their squads. Newcastle’s Loic Rémy possesses both of those in spades. In the speed department, the Frenchman’s 93 Sprint Speed and 89 Acceleration make him almost impossible to catch. His 91 Jumping only makes his 81 Heading Accuracy even more important. He might not be your go-to option to dribble the ball through the defence, but if your squad possesses the speed, dribbling and passing elsewhere, a counterattack can be absolutely deadly.

#1. Christian Benteke (Belgium) – Aston Villa (Barclays Premier League)

Belgium is expected to go far in this June’s FIFA World Cup and their popularity in Ultimate Team is clearly evident. The most popular striker is Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke. Although some people may be thrown off by his 79 Overall, you can clearly see why he’s so sought after when you examine his traits. He is one of the strongest strikers available with 90 Strength, but he’s well balanced with 83 Finishing, 82s in Acceleration and Shot Power, 81s in Jumping and Sprint Speed and 80s in Penalties and Aggression. If you need a striker with a wide range of talents, Benteke is one of your best options.

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