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POSTED BY Football World ON Aug 3, 2010

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team | Download Instructions

How to download FIFA 10 Ultimate Team on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

  1. Boot up FIFA 10.
  2. Advance to the FIFA 10 Main Menu
  3. Select Ultimate Team in your menu selection or navigate to the FIFA 10 store
  4. If you select the Ultimate Team menu selection, you will be prompted with a message "You do not have FUT 10 yet. This mode requires a short download to play. We are taking you to the FIFA 10 store to get started!"
  5. Select Yes.
  6. There different language versions of the DLC available. Select either the Trial Version (Marked with Trial tagged at the end of Ultimate Team) which allows you to try the game for 5 games. Or select the Full Version (Just labeled Ultimate Team) which gives you full access to the entire expansion mode.
  7. Confirm the purchase of either the Trial Version or the Full Version
  8. Start the download
  9. When download finishes you will receive a message informing that the download was complete and will be installing.
  10. Wait until the installation is done then go back to the FIFA 10 main menu.
  11. Select the Ultimate Team menu selection.
  12. You will be prompted with the message "FIFA 10 Ultimate Team content will be available the next time FIFA 11 is started. Do you want to reboot now?"
  13. Select Yes
  14. This will restart FIFA 10
  15. Advance to the FIFA 10 main menu
  16. Select Ultimate Team
  17. You will be brought into FIFA 10 Ultimate Team to create their Club after an introductory Video
  • FIFA 10 Ultimate Team FIFA 10 Ultimate Team

    Visit the official FIFA 10 Ultimate Team website to learn more about the game.