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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Aug 29, 2011

Gatling Gears Comes To The PC

It's time to strap into your mech, rev up your chainguns, and stretch your trigger fingers, because the critically acclaimed twin-shooter Gatling Gears is making its PC debut today!

From Vanguard Games, Gatling Gears puts you in the metal boots of Max Brawley, a lone soldier standing tall in the face of the oppressive and destructive Empire. Take control of a deadly bipedal tank as you dodge missiles and dance around flamethrowers in this top-down shooter. Team up with a friend for online and offline co-op action, take on the challenging survival maps built to test your mettle, and compete for the highest scores on the leaderboards. Customize and upgrade your mech with new skins, weapons, and even animal companions to join you in battle.

Previously released on Xbox LIVE and PSN, Gatling Gears can be purchased on Origin for your PC, today! Lock and load, soldier!

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    Visit the official Gatling Gears website to learn more about the game.


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