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06052012-NCAA-BenHBlog-Demo7.jpg POSTED BY Ben Haumiller ON Jun 5, 2012

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Hey Everyone, Ben Haumiller here and with July 10th fast approaching it’s time to talk about this year’s demo. First off, I’m happy to announced that the demo is now available for download, so rather than just hear about the buzz coming out of E3, you will get a chance to get your hands on the game and check out all of the great gameplay improvements for yourself.

We are very excited about this year’s demo for two reasons; first, we are giving you a deeper look at what’s new than ever before, and second, we have never provided more rewards for checking out the demo.

Before we get into the details, let’s take do a quick overview of the menu and we will dive into the features from there. You will see that we are providing a preview of the new Heisman Challenge, a Dynasty Mode experience, and the ability to share the demo with a friend.

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Heisman Challenge presented by Nissan

First let’s start with the Heisman Challenge. For the first time ever you will have the chance to experience what it’s like to be a Heisman Trophy winner. There are 16 former Heisman recipients involved in the Heisman Challenge in the full retail version of the game, but for the demo we are giving you a chance to play as 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. You will be able to put RG3 on one of the six teams included in the demo, and experience for yourself the new Total Control passing system. You can also check out the all new Reaction Time feature which gives you the ability to “slow the game down” and take the time to make the split-second decisions that came so natural to these Heisman greats.

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Dynasty Experience

With the addition of ESPN Studio Updates and the Bottom Line ticker to Dynasty Mode, we wanted to give you a feel for how the stories of the day will be revealed to you depending on when your game is being played. To do this, we are going to drop you into a Dynasty that has been simmed to week 10 of the upcoming college football season. We chose week 10 for two very important reasons, Oregon @ USC and Alabama @ LSU. Since both of those games are played in week 10 it was the natural choice for our Dynasty experience week. With RG3 being playable in the Heisman Challenge it also felt right for us to select Baylor as one of the teams in our other matchup, and we opted for Kansas State as Baylor’s opponent.

When you select the Dynasty Experience from the menu you will be brought to the schedule screen where you will have the ability to select any of these three matchups. Each one is at a different time of day so that you will get to experience the “stories of Saturday” from three different perspectives.

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Once you select your game it’s time to head in and check out all of those new gameplay improvements like Total Control Passing, Read and React Defensive AI, and more. Not only that, you can also follow all of the action around the country through the Bottom Line and Studio Updates with Rece Davis.

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Heisman Challenge Unlock

As a reward for checking out the demo, we are going to give you three Heisman Challenge athletes for use in the full retail version of NCAA Football 13. By completing each of the three demo matchups (either through the Heisman Challenge or the Dynasty experience) you will unlock classic Heisman winners Jim Plunkett, Tim Brown, and Archie Griffin.

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Share the Demo

In addition to the Heisman Challenge unlocks, we are also giving you 5 Nike Pro Combat uniforms just for telling a friend to check out the NCAA Football 13 demo. All you need to do is share the demo once and you will unlock the Nike Pro Combat uniforms for Navy, Stanford, Ohio State, LSU, and Boise State:

Get the Demo

Get the Demo

Now that you’ve got the details, go download that demo and start enjoying your first hands-on peek at NCAA Football 13. Be sure to preorder the game, and get ready for the full experience on July 10th.


Get instructions on downloading the demo here.


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