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nba-jam-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 8, 2011

Hot New NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Screens

A lot of NBA Jam players out there have a big head and not just in the game. Well, get ready for a warm slice of humble pie when tackling the revamped NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. Check out a few of the newest screens showcasing some epic 2 on 2 match-ups reliving this past NBA Finals with Nowitzki and Kidd facing down Wade and James. Even the fan-favorite Mascots make appearances showing off the razzle dazzle players can look forward to next month.

The bestselling NBA Jam is getting a new edition focusing exclusively on the core 2 on 2 gameplay, boasting improved AI and an expanded online experience. New additions include mechanics like Tag Mode and Team Fire as well as the ability to tap your teammates with a Call for Oop or Call for Shove. These come on top of hundreds of tweaks to create the most thrilling, refined NBA Jam experience to date. This new, download-only version is set for release on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Get ready to heat up this October. Boom-shaka-laka!

  • NBA JAM: On Fire Edition NBA JAM: On Fire Edition

    Visit the official NBA JAM: On Fire Edition website to learn more about the game.