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forshay_hutwebsitebanners.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON May 28, 2013

HUT Beginner's Guide


Create the greatest fantasy team in sports with Hockey Ultimate Team [HUT].

In HUT you can collect players from leagues around the world, build your ultimate fantasy team, and then test your skills online or offline. This Beginner’s Guide will start you on your way to building, managing, and competing with your Hockey Ultimate team.

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Getting your HUT franchise started is easy. Enter Hockey Ultimate Team from the main NHL 13 menu, enter a name and abbreviation for your team, and open your free starter pack. This will provide everything you need: players, jerseys, a team logo, arena, and consumable items.  

That’s all you need to do to start playing HUT. From here you can play in your first online or offline game, or jump into a tournament. Take a shot at winning the “Rookie Cup” and see how your team performs.







On your way into your first HUT game, take a moment to edit your lineup. You can use the new Lineup Assistant feature to automatically optimize your lines. Once you are set up, enter your first game or tournament to win HUT pucks.


Now that you have a feel for HUT, it's time to learn about the various items you can collect to build your team. These are broken down into a few basic categories. Pucks are the currency of HUT, you win these throughout HUT mode and can use them to purchase packs in the HUT Store, or bid on the Auction House.






Players make up the roster of your Ultimate Team. Over 4000 players from 11 different leagues are available for you to collect. Players have an overall rating, a preferred position, a base salary, contract length, and a number of training slots you can use to temporarily boost their ratings.


A key to success in HUT is maximizing team and line chemistry. Players from the same team, league, country, and who are playing in their natural positions will have maximum chemistry. Remember that you can always use the Line Assistant tool to automatically set your lines.






Consumables are important for keeping your team running, and will be included in most types of HUT item packs. Contracts are required for each active player, and last the indicated number of games. Once a contract runs out, a new contract item must be applied before the player can play in another game. Other important consumables include training and healing items.


You can also find “Team Information” Items to further customize your team. These include things like jerseys, your team logo, and the arena your squad calls home.







To acquire new items visit the Store or Trading areas from the HUT main menu. In the Store you can purchase item packs of different sizes and value. Each pack includes a set number of cards and chances to unlock high quality rare items! Keep an eye out for special promotions and collections.


In the Auction House you can buy, sell, and trade items with other players. This is great for acquiring a specific player or item you are looking for, and turning any unused players into HUT pucks. You can search for players and items by league, position, and a variety of other attributes so you can always find what you are looking for. To list any items in the auction house, send them from your roster or collection to your trade pile.







In HUT you can take your team and compete in a variety of exciting events. Both online and offline you can take on tournaments with different entry restrictions and prizes. Keep an eye out for special events and do your best to make the monthly playoffs.



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