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nhl-13-roster-update-blogheader.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Jan 24, 2013

Online Roster Update Now Available

Now that all NHL teams have had a few games under their belt, we have released an online roster update for NHL 13 which can be downloaded right now!

We chose to release this update after the start of the NHL season, so that NHL teams would have their rosters locked (mostly) and we’d be able to incorporate accurate line combinations into the update. The roster update also includes additional transactions for the AHL and DEL.

This update features the much-requested return of Edmonton's Nail Yakupov and the addition of St. Louis' Vladimir Tarasenko, among many others.

How to Manually Make Roster Changes (Offline Only)

For players who are not connected online, this guide will show you how to manually update your rosters:

  • From the Main Menu, select ‘My NHL®13’. Next click ‘Roster Management’.
  • Select ‘Player Movement’.
  • On the left side of the ‘Player Movement’ menu, cycle to the team that has the player you want to move and then add him to the ‘Moving Block’ by pressing either (A - Xbox) or (X - PS3). Toggle over to the right side of the menu and cycle to the team that you want to move that player to. Hit (X - Xbox) or (Square - PS3) to ‘Execute Move’.
  • Note: You can add multiple players on the same team to the ‘Moving Block’ to speed up the process.
  • If you’d like to reset your rosters to default, head back to the ‘Roster Management’ section of ‘My NHL®13’ and then select ‘Set Default Rosters’.
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