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POSTED BY Jeff Karp ON Jul 6, 2011

Jeff Karp: The Sims Social Surpasses 500,000 Likes

We have to start off with a huge THANK YOU to all the Sims fans. Since we announced The Sims Social on Facebook at E3, your support has been incredible. We’ve surpassed half-a-million “Likes” on Facebook and more than 13,000 reviews at an average a 4.6 out of 5. We know your expectations are high. Don’t worry; ours are higher.

Playing The Sims with friends is something many of you have asked for, and we’re making that happen when The Sims Social goes live on Facebook. It’s about time that a Facebook game offered a little more spontaneity and excitement than tending to your carrots. So get ready for a game that, like life, is actually alive. Whether you’re getting your flirt on, finding a little woohoo or pranking a rival, you’ll have options to play with your friends at every turn. That’s the whole point of being social – you never know how your friends will react.

And speaking of your friends, the more that you and your friends “Like” the game, the more prizes will be unlocked in our “More to Like” feature on Facebook. We’ve already unlocked a BBQ grill, electronic keyboard, easel, bookshelf and fireplace. We have lots of other great prizes that you can use in your Sims world, so if you’re a Sims fan, tell and friend and keep the “Likes” coming. 

While we put the finishing touches on The Sims Social, you can check out our newest expansion pack – The Sims 3 Generations. From childhood activities, to teenage angst, to the complicated realities of adulthood, live your Sims life to the fullest and experience growing up in each life stage. We’ve made reminiscing about your major Sims life moments easy with the new Memories system, which lets you keep track of and share Sims memories with your friends on Facebook or your Sims My Page.

These games express what EA PLAY stands for – inspiring creativity and self-expression. Gaming today, with so many new environments, so many new devices and so many new gamers, is giving us more opportunities than ever to bring you cool and fun new experiences. Facebook? The Sims Social is coming soon and other games will follow. Wii U? We liked what we saw at E3, so check back with us later on that. 

Back soon with more updates on The Sims Social.