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FNC-MP-02.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Nov 8, 2011

Lace Up Your Gloves: Fight Night Champion Now Available For Download

Hey, champ. Hope you’ve got that hard right hook down, because Fight Night Champion just went digital. Get all the gritty intensity of the original title as an easy, direct download from either PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE, starting today.

The digital version of Fight Night Champion is available in two different formats. On Xbox LIVE, players get a single download that includes all the bone-crunching brutality of the original game, plus all the fun of online play.

On PlayStation Network, Fight Night Champion is instead available as a series of à la carte downloads. Purchase Champion Mode by itself to experience the M-rated story of Andre Bishop: boxer, inmate, brother, and champion. Want a more customizable style of play? Download Legacy Mode to build your glove-wearing alter ego, then put him in the ring for a true test of skill. It’s up to you to decide how much (or how little) of the game you want to experience.

No matter which system you play on, you’re getting the same great game for the same low price of just $29.99. Here’s the breakdown for the two different systems:

Full Version Only: $29.99

PlayStation Network
Champion Mode: $4.99
Fight Now: $5.00
Online Pass: $10.00
Legacy Mode/Boxer Share: $10
Full Version (Includes All of the Above): $29.99

Fight the way you want to fight when you pick up your copy of Fight Night Champion for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 today.

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