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NBALIVE15_EABlogheader_TuesdayExclusive.png POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 13, 2014

Listen to the NBA LIVE 15 Soundtrack

If you’re excited to get your hands on NBA LIVE 15, the good news is you’ll only have to wait a few more weeks. And in the meantime, you can listen to the soundtrack!

Curated by MICK, the NBA LIVE 15 soundtrack will get you pumped up to play. This week’s EA Tuesday Exclusive gives you a chance to check out the soundtrack before you pick up the game for yourself.

We snagged a couple minutes with MICK to chat with him about his influences, the tracks he’s listening to right now and his favorite team in NBA LIVE 15.

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EA: You built the soundtrack for NBA LIVE 15. Give us three tracks you can’t stop listening to lately.

MICK: Three tracks from the soundtrack: The Bishop Nehru, Phantogram and Bas songs. Three tracks currently: Joey Bada$$: Big Dusty; Kendrick Lamar: I; Vic Mensa: Down On My Luck.
EA: What would surprise people about your taste in music? Anything you’re into that fans may not expect?
MICK: I love everything. My two favorite genres are 90's hiphop and that 90's Seattle grunge scene. I used to wish I was in Pearl Jam. Lol.
EA: Talk to us about the state of hip hop – who are some new artists that sound like they have something to say?
MICK: So many new artists are really dope. We are fortunate to have a few in the game, including Bishop Nehru, Flatbush Zombies, Bas and more. I also love these kids B.I.C., as well as rappers like Shirt, Your Old Droog, and Goldlink.
EA: What are some of the most motivational hip hop tracks you can think of? What are some old gems you still listen to?
MICK: I guess it depends on what you mean by motivation. As far as songs that give me energy to go do something/anything, you can go back to the 90's with Organized Konfusion "Stress." More recent times, I liked TI's "No Matter What."
EA: How long did it take you to curate the soundtrack?
MICK: It always takes us all summer to really find the artists and cultivate the vibe we want. Then we have to handle the legal stuff, which is the biggest pain of them all.
EA: How did you get started working in music?
MICK: I have been a fan of music all of my life, a musician most of my life, and a deejay for half of my life.  It was just a natural progression.
EA: Who’s your team to play with in NBA LIVE?
MICK: It's a tie between my Celtics (fan since I was a little kid) and Cleveland (I was born in Ohio and used to deejay for the Cavaliers, actually). As a Brooklyn guy, I love the Nets too, but I have NO idea what they are doing basketball wise this season. It's confusing over there... lol.

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