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POSTED BY vgnadmin ON Jan 20, 2009

Lord of the Rings: Conquest Play with the Developers!

The Developers will be online playing on Jan 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st & Feb 1st. During 10pm - 2am Eastern which is 7pm-11pm Pacific on weeknights and sporadically on weekends.

I have provided a list below of the Gamer tags that the Developers will be using along with their name and role during the development of Lord of the Rings: Conquest.

Gamer Tag: Name: Role:
LotRGwD2- Mike Zaimont          Combat Designer
LotRGwD3- Vincent Sparacino    Technical Artist
LotRGwD4- Tony Ianiro             Concept Artist
LotRGwD5- Joe Shackelford       Level Designer
LotRGwD6- Aex Boczar           Technical Director
LotRGwD7- Eric Lutes                   Concept Artist
LotRGwD8- Brendon Chung           Level Designer
LotRGwD9- Sanjay Madhav           Gameplay Engineer
LotRGwD10- Tom Nguyen           Asset Artist
LotRGwD11- Jose Zavala           Environment Artist
LotRGwD12- Ryan Hamlyn           Associate Producer
LotRGwD13- Jon Katz                   Associate Producer
LotRGwD14 - Alex Johnson           Production Coordinator
LotRGwD15 - Joshua Sterns       Production QA
LotRGwD16 - Benjamin Fields     Production QA
LotRGwD17 - Jacqueline O'Brien Production QA Lead
LotRGwD18 - Bill Fortier           Production QA
LotRGwD19 - Brenton Kossak     Production QA
LotRGwD20 - Arthur Leo           Production QA
LotRGwD21 - Sam Fayershteyn    Production QA
LotRGwD22 - Michael Bieniewicz    Production QA

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