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Madden NFL 12 POSTED BY asdavidson ON Nov 21, 2011

MADDEN NFL 12 Gets Some Play on BlackBerry!

As autumn starts to move toward its chilly peak, the NFL season moves toward its frenetic climax. With teams muscling for playoff positions, It’s that time of year. Football is beaming from TVs across the country and now, just in time for Thanksgiving, fans can enjoy all the action of this great American sport on their BlackBerry PlayBooks, too. That’s right, MADDEN NFL 12 – the most authentic football franchise on Earth – is now available on the world’s first professional grade tablet.

With hard hitting action and rosters with over 2,500 real NFL players, football fans can really get in the game with this new MADDEN NFL 12 launch for BlackBerry Playbook. With vivid collision effects and ultra-sharp gameplay, every game-changing tackle comes alive. Players can choose from 32 real NFL teams, make trades, track stats, and even chose strategies from in-depth playbooks (unique to every team).

This holiday season check out MADDEN NFL 12 on the BlackBerry App World.

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